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Here in Walk Well Clinic I use both custom made orthotics or off-the-shelf orthotics that I customise for the patient. Which type, custom or off-the-shelf will depend on many factors such as the age of the patient, the condition to be treated, the lifestyle and hobbies of the patient, and the footwear the patient wears.

Custom made orthotics require me to take a plaster of paris impression cast of the patients’ feet in the neutral position. The casts are then sent with a prescription form, detailing what is required for this patient, to a laboratory where the devices are then fabricated.

There are many different types of orthotics. The correct type is determined from the findings of the assessment carried out on each patient. Each custom made orthotic carries a six month guarantee for adjustments/ alterations if necessary.

It is important to stress that orthotics are only part of a patients treatment here in Walk Well Clinic. The other part are the exercises they are given and the footwear advice.

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