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What we do

At Walkwell Clinic patients are given a detailed biomechanical assessment to determine whether they have a biomechanical abnormality that is the cause of their pain.

Treatment consists of all or some of the following depending on the needs of the patient

• An exercise programme.
• A custom made or prefabricated orthotic.
• Footwear advice
• Specialist footwear

Possible cause of your pain.

Misalignment of bones in the foot can cause abnormal or excessive movement at the ankle, knee, hip or low back and could be the cause of pain in that area.

Similarly abnormal positioning of the hips, abnormal alignment of the lower legs, leg length difference, tightness or weakness of the muscles or tendons entering the foot could be the cause of your foot pain.

A recurring pain or series of different injuries could be an indication that you have a misalignment in either foot or lower limb.

Here at Walkwell Clinic a thorough biomechanical assessment is carried out to identify any abnormal misalignments or muscle imbalances and treated accordingly.

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